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Rotating Kiln Adopts Internationally Advanced Technology

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Продать : Rotating Kiln Adopts International... Дата 2014-11-26 12:07:52
As the vanguard in the development of foundation equipment in China, Hongxing has always kept an advantageous share in the rotating kiln rig market, and demonstrated prominent performance in various construction projects. The winning of this bid is the very indication of great product value. South-eastern market has always been deemed as promising and of great strategic value.

Rotating kiln calcining system produced by our company adopts internationally advanced hydraulic chatch wheel, high-precision plunger metering pump, high-precision low speed valve and contact mode graphite sealing device. To improve automatic degree, industrial television is set at kiln head for watching fire with analogical process flow fluoresent screen, and infrared scanner is adopted to reflect the calcining situation on computer directly. This new technology features strong visual, easy operation and reliable work.

As the cement rotary kiln rotates, material gradually moves down towards the lower end, and may undergo a certain amount of stirring and mixing. Metallurgical and chemical kiln are applicable to the metallurgy industry, iron and steel plant, magnetic roasting of ean iron ore, oxidizing roasting of the chrome ore and josephinite, roasting bauxite in the refractory plant, and roasting clinker and hydroxide in the aluminum plant. Rotating kiln is used to roast active lime for steel and iron plant and ferroalloy plant, and light roast dolomite.

Rotating kiln is composed of cylinder, gears, support device, kiln liner and kiln tail sealing equipment, kiln head hood and combustion. Cylinder as heated pivoting part, made of high quality carbon steel plate, is supported on the support device by tire, and there is mechanical or hydraulic pressure catch wheel on the first or some gear in order to control the turning of cylinder. Because of the need of installation or maintenance, the bigger rotary kiln has auxiliary gears, which makes cylinder gyrate more slowly. To prevent cold air come in and dust overflow, the reliable kiln tail and head sealing equipment is installed on feed and discharge end.

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cement rotary kiln:http://www.sinojawcrusher.com/companyproducts/ Cement-Rotary-Kilnis.html Rotating kiln:http://www.hx-jawcrusher.com/pp/protary-kiln.h tml rotary kiln:http://www.bestjawcrusher.com/products/rotary_ kiln/

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